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We are manufacturing all types of Paints like Epoxy Paints, Enamels, Stoving Paints, Powder Paints, Decorative Paints for Exterior & Interior, PU Paints for Metals & PU Coatings for Wood in different finishes along with Primers & Thinners.

Interior Primer

Our Interior Primer is water based & is manufactured with special grades of binders & Pigments. Additives adding during manufacturing process impart various qualities. It is an air drying primer providing hard tough film.

Water Based Emulsions & Primers

We are manufacturing a wide range of Epoxy Paints along with Primers & Thinners in different colours & finishes like Glossy, Matt or Semi Glossy.

Weathertough Exterior Primer

Weathertough Primer is water based primer for exterior walls manufactured by using special grade pigments that provide extra whiteness and & excellent opacity.it is undercoat for our most premium Weathertough Exterior Emulsion. It fills porous surface. Thus, resulting is better Coverage and Opacity for top coats. It helps adding more life to total paint system.

Superfinish Interior Paints

Superfinish range is water based interior paints. It is the one of the most technologically advance paints in the world. It impart walls with a soft sheen along with various other advantages. It is based on remarkable formulation & addition of additives ensure thats stains can be cleaned easily retaining luxurious finish on wall keeping them spotless & beautiful for long time. We can also make this paint in any color and gloss with the help of fully computerised colorimeter by X-Rite.

Weathertough Exterior Paint

Weathertough Exterior Paint is our most premium based product with hydrophobic quality which repels water & due to this rain drops slide thus providing extra life to paint. Special additives are added to this paint which impart dirt pick up resistance along with special pigments which are given various surface treatment thus providing excellent UV resistance & enhancing life of painted walls with this paint.

Hallmark Interior Paints

Hallmark Interior emulsion gives excellent finish with unbeatable coverage, whiteness and smoothness to the walls. Its formulation ensures walls with fungal and algal protection. This paint is manufactured with very high quality of extenders making finish on walls very soft and smooth.

Stoving Paints, Quick Drying Paints Primers & Thinners

Stoving Paints are alkyd amino paints which have to be heated in oven for curing.We make stoving paints invarious shades & gloss.Our stoving paints are manufactured with in house manufactured resin ensuring consistent & very high quality.We also manufacture TSA based stoving paints which impart much higher UV resistance & life. Our quick drying paints are used by many machine & agriculture equipment manufacturers.These paints do not require heating for curing & dry very fast.

Epoxy Paints, Primers & Thinners

Our Epoxy range of paints keep the steel at your home or factory shiny & durable.This product offers excellent resistance against Alakli,Acid & Water.It is 2 Pack system.Our remarkable tecchnology makes this product very versatile & can be used on Metals,wood,Concrete & Floor.It gives good Dry Film Thickness in a single coat.We can offer Epoxy Paint in any Bespoke Shade & Gloss.It is widely used by our customers on Floors,Walls,Pipes,Tanks & Platforms.It gives excellent SST Life.

Polyuerathane Paints, Primers & Thinners

Our 2K PU is a 2 pack system which is an upgrade of Melamine & by yards ahead of the latter in almost all types of parameters. But the most important USP of this product is it's stain resistance against common stains like ink, oil, turmeric etc which can be shown in front of everybody. It provides superior hot water resistance , hardness & durability making the product one of the best products amongst all the wood finish variants available.

Powders For Powder Coating

Our range of powder paints is widely appreciated & accepted in market. We manufacture powders in Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyster & Pure Polyster range in Glossy, Semi Glossy & Matt Finish. We have in house resin plant to manufacture resin for powder coating thus ensuring consistent quality. We can make powders in customized shades & gloss even in small quantities. We can also make powders as per customers requirement with Lead contents confirming to International standards.

Synthetic Enamels & Thinners

Our Enamels are perfect for all surfaces both interior and exterior. We manufacture enamels in various shades or shades desired by our customers in desired Gloss – High Gloss,Semi Gloss or Satin Finish.This paint forms a tough,washable & stain resistant film.This product also comes in satin finish which has soft sheen & used widely in Kitchens,furniture & grills indoor & outdoor

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