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Electroplating Chemicals

We are a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of complete range of Electroplating Chemicals.

Nickel Sulphate & Nickel Chloride

Jiwan Gold Nickel Sulphate & Nickel Chloride are manufactured under close process in glass lined vessels efficiently head with circulating hot oil form thermopack form first grade Virgin Nickel to ensure the high and consistent quality needed in electrolytic and electroless plating processes.

Therefore we make sure to check all the impurities like Copper, Zinc, Lead, Iron, by fully computerized AAS (atomic absorption spectro photometer) before supplying our products to our esteemed customers. It is only our consistent quality, which has made us most preferred brand for preparation of nickel plating solutions, manufacturing of pestisides & nickel chemicals world over.

Copper Sulphate

We are manufacturers of highly pure Copper Sulphate with Minimum Impurities. Our Process is Unique which helps us to produce product as per International Standards. Copper Sulphate is mainly used as Pesticide. It is also widely used in Electroplating & Poultry Feed Industries.

Completely Tested with Fully Computerised AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer)

Sodium Bisulphite

Our product Sodium Bisulphite is idealy suited for effluent treatment. Our product has sulphite content ranging 60-62%. This high sulphite content helps in effective treatment of chrome effluent.

Phosphating Chemicals

Our range of Phosphating Chemicals protects metals from corrosion and increase its resistance to wear for further application. These Phosphating Chemicals is an ideal base for subsequent painting, liquid paints, powder coating, oil coating, rubber coating and cold forming.

Artek Surfin Chemicals

JIWAN GROUP has been associated with Artek Surfin Chemicals Limited,since their inception from last 25 years. Artek is leading electroplating chemical manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in India, China, Europe & United States of America. There is no match in Artek’s Quality in Metal Finishing Technology.Artek is Pioneer & leader in many Plating Technologies.It is only due to Artek’s Quality it is preferred vendor to many Automobile,Bicycle,Hardware & Handtool Manufacturers

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